Coach Harper playing pro in New Zealand, 1989.


 Cardiff Warriors Basketball Club 2009/10 Awards Presentation Night

Carl Dolecki accepting the west 'most points scored in a game' award

Eddie Kitzo accepting the east 'most point scored in a game' award

Chris Mmakwe accepting the west defensive player of the year award

Perrie Biston accepting the east defensive player of the year award

Tony O'Gunshilla accepting the east 'players player' award

Ross Lewis accepting the most improved player award

Carl Dolecki accepting an award for outstanding contribution

Adam Budrys accepting the west 'players player' award

 Sid Khan accepting an award for his absent brother Sumi Khan for west 'leading scorer'

Patrick Likosso accepting the east 'leading scorer' award

Patrick Likosso was named the Cardiff Warriors 2009/10 club MVP (Most Valuble Player)

Also absent from the awards night was Khalid Jama who won the rookie of the year award ..

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